A New World – In today’s day and age, the traditional family has slowly morphed and replaced more and more with extended families or nontraditional families. Households without a traditional family have dropped to under 50% since 2014. As with religion, ethnicity, and culture, America has shown to remain a country in which all people can live at peace with one another regardless of their personal ideologies, sexual preference, or family composition.

Live In Peace – The NEW GOP is mindful and realistic with the current social landscape and promotes the teaching of respect and tolerance for all Americans as we all fall under one U.S. Constitution. As President, my responsibility to my citizens is to keep you safe and healthy. My goal is not to have everyone agree with each other’s preferences but to move as one people and one nation together. Our nation has been built by our diverse ancestral perspectives and by growing strong together in unity. This has allowed us to tackle and confront matters that face us all. It is what is called for to strengthen the United States of America.