Drugs & Human Trafficking Today

End The Demand

Our country can and must do better in the prevention of organized crime and drug cartels that are introducing and distributing poisonous toxic drugs in various forms into our country. These drugs harm our loved ones as they become addicted to them – destroying their health, ruining their lives, and too often leading to death. To do this, my cabinet will work to mitigate the problem on the front and back end of this urgent crisis.

A Quick Remedy

We must move at a faster speed than the spread of lethal illegal drugs by educating our nation to the perils of drugs, as well as the certain consequences of selling, distributing, and taking them. We need to tackle the root of addiction as well working with each other to protect the vulnerable. We need to arm our children and parents alike with information and discourage deadly illegal drug use altogether. Simply put, we have a drug problem because we have a demand for drugs. To break this cycle, we must break the mindset of the American culture of drug use, and its glamorization.

About The Children

We must deny those that are harming our children from forced work, organ harvesting, sexual exploitation, and physical abuse. Each year thousands of children are kidnapped off the streets and ripped apart from their parents. Taken away from their familiar surroundings of a happy, healthy, and loving home and are used for nefarious purposes. We must also do better when the situation calls for child protection services and others to get involved and decide to break up a family unit.

Our Future Is In Our Children
Children are often given false work opportunities, and due to hardships at home or other socio-economic issues decide to run away when they feel they’ve run out of options. I will work with the judicial branch to ensure that criminal activities involving minors will be heavy-handed and that certain criminals serve their full sentences with no exceptions. That children’s families get immediate support and that our kids can be saved and can continue enjoying their childhood without emotional harm or unnecessary trauma. Saving our children, is saving America’s future!

Policy Issue #006
Tuesday August 9th, 2022


A strong economy

Is a bi-product of the production of goods and services by businesses and financial institutions, the consumers that buy these products, the labor that works to produce them, and the spending and investments of the government. Along with this, there should be a balance of imports and exports. As President, areas of focus to raise our economy are information technology, oil and natural gas, aerospace, defense, biomedical research, bitcoin, fuel processing, electric power, agriculture, and manufacturing.
Rejuvenate the economy

I will restore our economy by bringing manufacturing back to America. This will occur as we encourage and incentivize companies to do business in-country. Slowly but surely, we will rely less and less on foreign products that have saturated our stores. In the future we will look forward to products that are made by Americans for Americans, creating more jobs and opportunities for all of us, right here at home.

Invest In America

When we invest in our products that our workers have created, then we are on the right track. America will once again be proud of our talent and our industries from automobiles to our textiles. We will wake up to a world that exports enormous amounts of unparalleled products made by our own workforce. Americans will be wearing and using products that say Made In The USA!

Foreign Trade

With a return of manufacturing, and the encouragement and support of free enterprise, America will become an ecommerce powerhouse which foreign consumers will turn to. Inwardly, Americans will enjoy less administrative hurdles and red tape to operate their small to large businesses. Businesses that build personal wealth with the satisfaction of knowing they are investing in the future of America.

Policy Issue #003
Thursday August 4, 2022

Energy Independence

Lead In Energy

As President I will return our country back to one that is energy independent. We have enough natural resources where we can provide for our country, and even export to others to raise our GDP. As gasoline prices roll back, we will ensure that best practices are used to avoid and mitigate oil industry related accidents that may occur.

Future Energy Sources

We have squandered time perfecting other renewable energy sources and have even missed opportunities to assert ourselves in the battery technology. America will not allow our competitors to outpace us in advanced technologies to include energy applications. I will shift our focus on our science and technology programs to deliver on research with new, safe, clean, and affordable energy for all Americans.

Energy & The Environment

For every action there is an effect. While we promote multiple veins of energy, they must be carefully planned for, laid out to the American people, and take in consideration any ecological and or detrimental attributes involving climate change and ecological damage. We need to leave this planet in better shape for our future generations.

Policy Issue #004
Sunday July 10th, 2022


A New World

In today’s day and age, the traditional family has slowly morphed and replaced more and more with extended families or nontraditional families. Households without a traditional family have dropped to under 50% since 2014. As with religion, ethnicity, and culture, America has shown to remain a country in which all people can live at peace with one another regardless of their personal ideologies, sexual preference, or family composition.

Live In Peace

The NEW GOP is mindful and realistic with the current social landscape and promotes the teaching of respect and tolerance for all Americans as we all fall under one U.S. Constitution. As President, my responsibility to my citizens is to keep you safe and healthy. My goal is not to have everyone agree with each other’s preferences but to move as one people and one nation together. Our nation has been built by our diverse ancestral perspectives and by growing strong together in unity. This has allowed us to tackle and confront matters that face us all. It is what is called for to strengthen the United States of America.

Policy Issue #009
Thursday August 4, 2022

Free/Fair Elections & Term Limits

America’s democracy is currently under threat. We have to defend our country from both internal and external forces trying to thwart our voting processes! Here is how I, as President, propose to do this.

Pro Voter ID

It makes sense! We must know with 100% certainty that those who are voting for our leaders are whom they say they are and should be prepared to furnish a form of id when voting in our elections!
Congressional Term Limits

Members of Congress hold seats for so long that they don’t allow up-and-rising politicians to participate in our democracy. Term limits are needed to allow new faces on Capitol Hill that will move America forward! Members of Congress should be held at 2 terms, just like the President. If they want to continue to contribute towards our democracy, it can be as an advisor, or other staff position. 

21st Century Secure Electronic Voting
Americans should be able to vote online! Mailing in ballots and having “Midnight Counts” is becoming a relic in America’s voting process. It’s time to move into the future with secure electronic voting. All eligible voters should be allowed to cast a ballot. Jesus has served in the military overseas and understands the frustrations of voting abroad – lets bring America in the future and at least begin the conversation on eVoting.

Policy Issue #001
Sunday June 26th, 2022

National Defense

National defense begins with a secure border

President I will keep America safe by adequately supporting border patrol’s security processes and ensuring that vetting is done by the book. We will deny bad actors access to our country and deterring future adversaries from harming our citizens.

Finish The Wall

I will close our porous Southern border to deny easy and unfettered access into our country. This will substantially decrease the flow of toxic drugs and illegal immigration thus allowing for proper migration processes to work.

Emphasis of Cutting-Edge Technology

– In today’s age of asymmetric warfare, cyber threats, artificial intelligence, hypersonic weaponry, and emerging threats in-and-abroad I will ensure that we have a robust military that is poised to not only keep up with; but keep ahead of these threats. To do so, we must smartly allocate funds committing more towards previously under-funded and often overlooked areas such as science, & technology, futuristic weaponry, and countermeasures. These tools will be used to reduce the use of manpower along the border and sensitive sites. Technology will be used to secure and protect our loved ones in schools and churches to transportation systems, and military bases.

Coalition Building

I will strengthen ties with our allies and engage with other countries to be a part of the solution to global problems which require global solutions.

The Goal is Peace

The United States, as the world’s leader, should always be in the position to protect ourselves, deter our adversaries, mind our best interests, and use lethal force as a last resort. Diplomacy will be on the forefront of my administration. I will rely upon our intelligence agencies and military organizations to keep us in a constant state of readiness. Our forces will be able to defend our country in a time of need. We will exhaust all diplomatic avenues before ever resorting to, or entering into, a conflict. The preference of my administration will be to aim for world peace through dialogue, and an interest of the reduction and elimination of nuclear warheads. With the support of the American people and the other two branches of government we can help to mold the world so to collectively promote peace and harmony.

Policy Issue #002
Tuesday August 9th, 2022

Our Constitutional Rights

We Are A Self-Governed Nation –  in which our Constitution is our ‘go to’ book that all Americans should abide by. As we live under the Rule of Law, we need to follow the rules we created and fall under. The Constitution can and should be amended periodically, by We The People after the matter is presented to Congress.  

Update The Constitution

The U.S. Constitution was written over 235 years ago and should be re-visited to ensure its language is relative to today’s day-and-age. This is totally doable and acceptable if the bulk of Americans want to change particulars of the way we are self-governed. Amendments to the U.S. Constitution can and should be made by the concurrence of the bulk of the American people. The will of the American people should be the driving force that our representatives should enact upon to fulfill their obligation to the Constitution and its people. With the support and consensus of their citizens, States should be able to add to our Constitution.

Educate The Masses

Even in the information age, scores of citizens and professionals from every field are oblivious to our constitutional and civil rights. As President I will take action to have our education system incorporate mandatory periods of instruction to learn about these rights. For those that are enforcing the law, classroom instruction and periodic re-fresher training will also be emphasized so that our officers are clear on what their boundaries are when in practice.

Policy Issue #005
Sunday July 10th, 2022