50 years and 10 administrations later, America has only found itself in a deeper hole than the one we were trying to dig ourselves out of. Today, after a combined effort which took 10 former and current administrations to muster, Americans are left with unfulfilled promises, a broken economy, an unsecure border, economic and social unrest, and citizens left empty-handed and clueless on the future and direction of our country.

Thanks to hard-charging representatives, most of which are decent, honorable, and just – possessing common sense approaches to dealing with the problems at hand. They have been able to dull the full affront to the fabric of American Society. Then, unfortunately there are the others. Due to short sightedness, an inability to lead, and the restraining of the American spirit, we are now facing uncertainty along with weak promises from both sides of the aisle.

As a bi-product of the decisions of a few up in Capitol Hill, the many are now presented with a national debt of over $30T, an insecure porous border, over 75,000 deaths last year attributed to opioid overdoses, 460,000 of our children abducted annually, the highest inflation in 40 years, currently at 8.26% with the highest gasoline prices ever seen in a generation.

We have discovered microplastic in our Antarctic snow – even though there are those that place little concern over the change in our climate. Reckless teachers that assault our own children and prefer to teach their young minds alternative lifestyles rather than English and arithmetic. Law enforcement that will even watch a person die rather than doing anything to save them and politicians who live a lavish lifestyle and only care about their own personal net worth. This must end!

In 2024, Jay Torres – a commoner like you – seeks your support to get America back on track!

Professing to work and care for the common man, they promote their hidden agendas, pad corporate greed, and smile to your face as they contemplate how to reach ever deeper into your pockets; all in an effort to ‘help you.’

They forget who it was that sent them there. It was We The People. I am here to not only point out these matters, but in 2024, when elected President

2024 Presidential Candidate - Jay Torres

Even during his teenage years, Jesus B. Torres (who goes by Jay) viewed himself as a leader. Of Puerto Rican descent, but raised in Brooklyn, New York, he attended high school within the tough neighborhood known as Bushwick.

Tragically losing two close friends in a subway tragedy, Jay began to look past life in the ‘Big Apple.’ Between studying at NYC Technical College, and working as a cook at Houlihan’s restaurant within the Empire State Building, Jay decided a dramatic change was called for. Jay enlisted into the US Army in 1992 hoping to further his education, acquire additional skills, and see what else lie beyond the big city.


Rising through the military ranks Jay excelled in a myriad of difficult assignments and posts. He eagerly accepted challenges and looked for all opportunities to do so. Jay volunteered and completed various arduous military training to include Mountaineering and Rappelling School, Recruiting School, and Airborne School which subsequently led him to an assignment with the 1st Special Forces Group (A) in Washington State. In 2008, Jay pushed himself further as he shed his administrative Non-Commissioned Officer role to become a commissioned Warrant Officer in the US Army. During the final decade prior to retiring in 2016, Jay worked along-side numerous government agencies while assigned to American Embassies in four different geographic regions. He garnered respect and was heavily relied upon by both his peers and subordinates within the Department of Defense, Department of State, and later the Pentagon. 

Jay continues to serve his country as a contractor in support of the intelligence community as he further embeds himself within politics and focuses on the socio-economic issues that affect America. His vision of a GOP for the new era (deemed the New GOP) continues to build momentum as his ideas reach further into mainstream America. With a strong sense of optimism, and an evident angle as a true commoner, Jay provides a fresh stance on issues that 333 million Americans can relate to. Jay and his wife Sotheary reside with their children in Woodbridge, VA. Jay is definitive proof that a person can overcome many obstacles in life and even tragedy, yet still rise to lead and encourage others. Join Jay Torres as he continues to fight for truth, justice, and freedom. Join him, join the NEW GOP!


The "New GOP"
Government of the People

“We the People” is all-inclusive and stands for all the people of our nation. We stand for unity, adaptability, tolerance, diversity, strength, and the understanding that not one of us is better than the other. We believe in learning, knowing, and accepting our past in a straightforward manner as well as teaching our society the truth, whether it be good, bad, or indifferent. We believe that we must right many wrongs committed over generations, and though it will be difficult, we can and will. If you feed the nation a lie, then it gets complicated, cumbersome, and detrimental. If we start with the truth, then things get easier. The platform I run on is the one that is proposed by you: the American people. It insists on creating a better life for all Americans and to serves as an example for others to emulate.