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50 years and 10 administrations later, America has only found itself in a deeper hole than the one we were trying to dig ourselves out of. Today, after a combined effort which took 10 former and current administrations to muster, Americans are left with unfulfilled promises, a broken economy, an unsecure border, economic and social unrest, and citizens left empty-handed and clueless on the future and direction of our country.

We owe this to our representatives, most of whom are decent, honorable, and just. Yet they have barely been able to keep our frail nation intact. Unfortunately, among our country’s leadership, there are those who continue to seek divisiveness within our country. Due to their short-sightedness, an inability to lead, and the restraining of the American spirit, we are now facing growing areas of uncertainty along with weak promises from both sides of the aisle.

As a bi-product of the decisions from a few politicians up in Capitol Hill, the American people have recently been subjected to a national debt of over $34T, an insecure porous border, over 100,000 deaths last year attributed to opioid overdoses, 460,000 of our children abducted annually, the highest inflation in 40 years – 5 times higher than it was just 4 years ago – and the highest gasoline prices ever seen in a generation.

We have discovered microplastic in our Antarctic snow – even though there are those that place little concern over the change in our climate. Reckless teachers that assault our own children and prefer to teach their young minds alternative lifestyles rather than English and arithmetic. Law enforcement that watched a person die rather than doing anything to save them and politicians who live a lavish lifestyle and only care about their own personal net worth. This must end!

Jay Torres – a commoner like you – needs your support to get America back on track!

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